Isy way out


It starts as harmless fun at a party. Sixteen-year-old Jonas and his friends Martin and Lenny amuse themselves about Isy, the school’s beauty queen, losing control at a party because of drugs. But then Lenny has a dreadful idea: the three boys rape the unconscious girl. The first time is always different says the cool boy Lenny later without regret. But a whole world collapses for Jonas. He has raped his greatest love! Every day at school he sees Isy fighting against her unexplainable sadness and pain.

The gynaecologist, who Isy’s mother makes her visit, diagnoses forced sex. Bea is convinced that her daughter has been raped and wants to inform the police, but Isy refuses this categorically. She can’t remember the night of the party and wants to leave it all behind her. Jonas on the other hand can’t get rid of the images of that night and tells his mother what he has done. Although he doesn’t say the name of the girl, Carola finds out from Bea that Isy has been raped. Bea however doesn’t suspect that Jonas is one of those involved.

Isy and Jonas grew up like siblings, their mothers are close and want to start a business together. Jonas’ father Richard, who wants to avoid a scandal, forces Carola to keep silent. As an experienced prosecutor, he tells the three boys how to behave to get away unscathed.

But what happens if nothing happens, if there is no punishment? The film describes the psychological profile of a family facing an existential dilemma.

Claudia Michelsen, Hans Löw, Claudia Mehnert, Michelangelo Fortuzzi, Milena Tscharntke, Ludwig Simon, Jakob Schmidt, Runa Greiner

Mark Monheim, Max Eipp

Directed by
Mark Monheim, Max Eipp

Florian Deyle, Philip Schulz-Deyle

Executive Producer
Eva Kemme, Tobias Siebert

Associate Producer
Vera Behringer

On behalf of rbb for DAS ERSTE

Photography Copyright
© Jana Lämmerer / DRIFE

Jahr: 2018

Festivals & Preise

Nomination Bernd  Burgemeister Award / Filmfest München 2018

Best Screenplay / Zoom Festival 2018

Best director – Mark Monheim & Max Eipp / Bavarian Tv Award 2019

Nomination Grimme Award 2019

Best actor – Michelangelo Fortuzzi / Newcomer Award German TV Award 2019

Best actress – Milena Tscharntke / Newcomer Award Golden Camera 2019

Best actress – Milena Tscharntke / New Comer Award Studio Hamburg Prize 2019

Special Selection / Zlin film festival 2019

Screening / Input Film festival Bangkok 2019