We're the new people


Who says you’re old at sixty anyway? Certainly not Anne, Eddi and Johannes. They are around sixty, can’t afford much and are sharing a flat again, as they did as students.

Everything is to be like it was: sitting around the kitchen table drinking wine, philosophising about God and the world, and listening to the hits of their time until the early hours of the morning. Yet the new flat share did not reckon with the other tenants in the house: three real students live above the oldie ex-students. And they have no sense of fun. They are cramming for their exams and the last thing they need is jolly loud sixty-year-olds who don’t stick to the rules. It does not take long before the two generations clash. But what exactly is going wrong here? Have the old folks not understood the signs of the times? Or do the youngsters simply look old?

Gisela Schneeberger, Heiner Lauterbach, Michael Wittenborn, Claudia Eisinger, Karoline Schuch and Patrick Güldenberg

Ralf Westhoff

Directed by
Ralf Westhoff

Florian Deyle, Martin Richter, Ralf Westhoff

in co-production with
Westhoff Film and Bayerischen Rundfunk

Editorial department
BR: Claudia Gladziejewski, Birgit Metz

ARD Degeto
Claudia Grässel, Roman Klink


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